paolavillani | 2018_ curon / graun_OHT
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2018_ curon / graun_OHT

Theatre, Visual Art

Nomination for an UBU prize as best italian scenography 2018!!


Curon / Graun introduces the audience to a space without actors. The basis of the work is the sound of the bells and their spiritual strength due to the reconstruction of the submerged bell tower and by making the stage a literal metaphor for Arvo Pärt’s tintinnabuli style. The scene opens with the silence as point of no return of the Estonian composer, who thanks to six years of solitary contemplation could reach the essence of his music and what resounds deeply in people through art.

idea Filippo Andreatta and Paola Villani

music conductor Stefano Ferrario
directing Filippo Andreatta
set-design Paola Villani
light-design William Trentini
video Armin Ferrari
stage manager Massimiliano Rassu
producer Laura Marinelli
graphic consultant Letizia Tempesta Filisetti
decor Nadia Simeonkova, Silvano Brugnara
production Orchestra Haydn di Bolzano e Trento | Haydn Orchester von Bozen und Trient
co-production OHT, Centrale Fies
winner of OPER.A 20.21 FRINGE